Rihanna: Anti


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Rihanna: Anti
2 LPs | Triple Gatefold Cover
Label: Def Jam – 2016
Release date: 7.10.2016

Explicit Lyrics
The Queen is back
Rihanna fans have been waiting a long time for this moment: virtually overnight, the pop icon presents her new album “Anti”.
It has been four years since her last record “Unapologetic”. Since then, rumors about a new Rihanna album came up again and again. Then at the end of January the surprise.
“Anti” is the singer’s eighth studio album, but rarely have the musical influences on a Rihanna record been so diverse: soul, R’n’B, funk, jazz, here and there a little dubstep and of course pop. Only on electronic elements, which were still characteristic on the predecessor, she has renounced this time.
The first official foretaste of “Anti” was on January 27, 2016 with the single “Work” – an R’n’B song with a clear reggae touch. For this, the singer brought Canadian rapper Drake on board, with whom she had previously released two joint songs. Another feature on the album is the opener “Consideration” – a duet with singer SZA.
In addition to twelve original songs, “Anti” also features an unusual cover. “Same Ol’ Mistakes” originally came from the psychedelic rock combo Tame Impala.
For true Rihanna fans, the album is also available as a deluxe version. This contains three additional new tracks by the singer.
Rihanna hasn’t had to prove anything to the music world for a long time, but with her new album “Anti” she does it anyway: She is still the undisputed queen of pop and R’n’B.
Track List:
LP # 1
James Joint
Kiss It Better
Needed Me
Yeah, I Said It
LP # 2
Same Ol’ Mistakes
Never Ending
Love On The Brain
Close To You
Goodnight Gotham
Sex With Me