X-Plus | Metropolis – Maschinenmensch Seated Version 1/8 Model Kit


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Metropolis – Maschinenmensch Seated Version

X-Plus – 1/8 Model Kit

ETA: END 04/2024

Introducing X PLUS’s Maschinenmensch Seated Ver. Plastic Model Kit: A Tribute to Film History!

Transport yourself to the world of Fritz Lang’s 1927 masterpiece, “Metropolis,” with our faithful reproduction of the iconic Maschinenmensch. This ? scale model pays homage to Maria in her most iconic pose, capturing the allure and essence of this pivotal cinematic character.

Molded in a striking beige-silver color, reminiscent of the original robot material, our model features evocative text and the unmistakable “HEL” inscription in the iconic Metropolis typeface.

But that’s not all. With innovative inner body parts, you can recreate the unforgettable seated pose, complete with transparent aura rings and intricate cables, bringing you closer to the authentic portrayal of Maschinenmensch.

Experience the magic of “Metropolis” anew with our latest Maschinenmensch Plastic Model Kit-a testament to cinematic legacy.