Weta | The Lord of the Rings Masters Collection Statue – Salvation at Mount Doom



Weta | The Lord of the Rings Masters Collection Statue – Salvation at Mount Doom
Estimated delivery in 2nd Quarter 2024.
Limited Edition of 400

The Ring is destroyed; the Dark Tower has fallen; Sauron is gone…
“Their task complete, Frodo and Sam lie spent upon a spur of rock as Mount Doom heaves beneath them. Rivers of searing, molten rock cascade past the exhausted Hobbits, consuming their fragile island sanctuary. Victory, they have bought for Middle-earth; for their friends; and for the Shire, but at the greatest cost, as the hope they have won for the world comes by sacrificing their own. As the friends lie still together, resigned and at peace, free of the Ring’s burden, they know death must come soon.
Yet all is not lost, for with Mordor’s skies clear of enemies and the baleful gaze of Sauron dispelled, salvation comes upon the wings of the Great Eagles and the faithfulness of a friend long thought dead. Riding upon the broad feathered back of the Windlord, Gwaihir, Gandalf the White swoops unlooked for from the heavens riven by flame and smoke to save Middle-earth’s saviours, bonds of fellowship unbroken even by fire and death.

– Limited Edition;
– Made from high quality polystone;
– Sculpt lead by Middle-earth veteran Gary Hunt, with assistance by Bawal Saggi, Kathryn Parr, Charlotte Key , Leonard Ellis, Mauro Santini, and Steven Saunders;
– Depicts the final moment of despair, and subsequent ray of hope, for the Ringbearer’s party;
– Includes 3 characters, 1 creature, and 1 dynamic environment;
– Unique lighting features combined with expert paint application brings the molten lands of Mount Doom to life.”

Please note: Due to the small edition size and the great demand for this item, allocations are possible.

Please note: Due to the size of this item, additional shipping costs will apply.