Weta | Lord of the Rings – Grey Havens Environment Statue

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Weta | Lord of the Rings – Grey Havens Environment Statue

ETA: END 02/2025

Upon the western shores, where the land met the boundless sea, lay a realm that marked both a journey’s end and beginning. This port city, known as Grey Havens, was to be the final destination on this mortal continent for the Elves. Upon hearing the call of the sea, they felt compelled by an instinctual urge to cross the tranquil waters, returning home to the Blessed Realm under the guidance of the Elven Lord and Shipwright Círdan.

Once a vibrant and bustling metropolis, the Grey Havens has since transformed into a serene and hushed landscape, inhabited only by a scant few elves who linger, awaiting their final departure. Yet, despite their dwindling presence, the ethereal beauty of this coastal sanctuary remains untarnished.
This limited edition collectible environment perfectly captures the gracefully carved structures that organically emerge from the embrace of the encircling mountains. Their contours mimic the undulating waves of the ocean they cradle, evoking an atmosphere of calming serenity.
From the careful recreation of Elven architecture to the meticulous and lifelike paint application, the tranquillity of this sacred haven and the aura of its ancient grace shines through – a testament to the enduring enchantment left by the Elves’ touch upon Middle-earth™, and now, your shelf.

– Limited Edition;
– Depicts the elven harbour, the Grey Havens;
– Features the White Ship, upon which sailed the Ringbearers Frodo and Bilbo Baggins;
– Made in celebration of the 20th anniversary of The Return of The King;
– Digitally sculpted by Weta Workshop veteran 3D Artist Charlotte Key;
– Includes a full 360° diorama of the surrounding environment;
– Created using reference to original film stills, bigature scans and on-set photography.

Size: 39 x 13,5 x 39 cm