United Cutlery – 1/1 Prop Replica | Dune: Crysknife of Paul Atreides


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Dune: Crysknife of Paul Atreides
United Cutlery – 1/1 Prop Replica

The Crysknife is the traditional and sacred weapon of the Fremen, the desert warriors of Arrakis. Crafted from razor-sharp sandworm teeth collected in a Fremen rite of passage, the ornate carved blade is etched with intricate glyphs and patterns, making each Crysknife unique and personal to those who have earned the honor of unsheathing it.

United Cutlery’s Crysknife of Paul Atreides is an exact reproduction of the actual filming prop used in the blockbuster movie, ‘Dune’. The replica is intricately crafted of high-quality polyresin with precisely-molded details, rich coloring and a metallic finish on the handle. It can be displayed on its polystone wall display, which is sculpted in the form of the hawk sigil of House Atreides. A certificate of authenticity is also included to assure customers of its value and officially licensed status.