Square Enix | Hatsune Miku 39’s Special Miku Day Version 1/7 PVC Figure



Hatsune Miku: Spiritale – Hatsune Miku 39’s Special Miku Day Version
Square Enix – 1/7 PVC Figure

Preorders | ETA: 2024 Q2

Pre-order | ETA: 2024 Q2This 1/7 scale figure of Hatsune Miku comes as a celebration of Miku Day – 9th March!

Many of the associated images have been drawn by iXima, including the illustration of Hatsune Miku on the packaging. This figure brings to life the Miku from these illustrations in 3D form, in all her gorgeous splendour as she wears a crown upon her head. The figure has been carefully moulded and coloured to faithfully recreate the feel of the illustration. The care that has gone into creating the wealth of detail is simply astounding making the figure simply a work of art.

Take this opportunity to welcome this elegant and refined Miku in all her beauty into your collection.

Her firm gaze and smile leave a strong impression making it difficult for you to look away.

Miku’s ponytails, with translucent sections, flow beautifully down to her feet. Her hair is modelled to look both smooth and full of volume, through the gradients in the colour and the way it flows naturally.

Hatsune Miku sits on a throne, wearing a crown on her head, holding a sceptre in her right hand and an orb in her left. Each of these accessories are modelled and coloured down to the finest detail and the smallest parts. The outfit is perfectly befitting of Hatsune Miku – character beloved around the world and celebrated on the 9th March on Miku Day.

The shiny lustre of her boots and sleeves has been faithfully recreated from the illustration. Particular attention has been paid to the boots, which have been coloured to draw out the gradients and a sense of transparency, recreating the more boot-like parts at her feet and the more tight-like sections upon her thighs.

The snow-on-the-mountain plant growing from the pedestal has also been beautifully brought to life. And the splendid throne, adorned with lions, is another highlight of the figure. The throne has been recreated in exacting detail, down to the intricate patterns on the backrest.

The cloak Miku wears catches the eye as it spreads out under her feet. The colour gradients and natural wrinkles create a sense of its weight and bulk. The texture of the fur and black feathers have been faithfully brought to life.

Product Dimensions:24cm x 22cm x 22cm (LxWxH )