Special Hobby | Fiat G.50B Bicomando 1/32 Model Kit


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Special Hobby | Fiat G.50B Bicomando 1/32 Model Kit

ETA: 02.2023

Fiat G.50B Bicomando 1/32

   The Regia Aeronautica, as well as many other air forces during WW2, used two seat machines converted from standard fighter types for the pilot training purposes. In 1940, the RA faced a difficult task as besides new pilots requiring the pilot training, those many already accustomed to flying in the open cockpit of a biplane needed to learn to fly modern, fast monoplanes with retracting undercarriage. And the Fiat G.50B suited this need very well. This two-place variety of the standard G.50 fighter came about by adding another pilot’s seat in place of the fuselage armament, in front of the standard cockpit. In total, 100 of these trainers were built and became a welcome addition to the Regia Aeronautica and a few also saw service with the Luftwaffe and the military of Croatia. One such machine survived the war and went on serving with the new Italian Air Force until 1948.
The model kit contains five grey styrene sprues, one with clear parts, finely detailed resin parts and etches. The decals cater for four marking options, machines of the Regia Aeronautica, Luftwaffe, Croatian Air Force and the post-war Italian Air Force.

–    Highly unusual and rare version
–    colourful schemes
–    resin cast parts and etches in the box