Special Hobby: Fiat G.50-II Freccia “Finnish Aces” 1/32 Model Kit


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Special Hobby: Fiat G.50-II Freccia “Finnish Aces” 1/32 Model Kit

Fiat G.50-II Freccia “Finnish Aces” 1/32

   Finland, a country much smaller than its Goliath of a neighbour, the Stalin’s Soviet Union, kept purchasing any suitable sorts of armament all over Europe in the years 1938-39. In Italy, the Fins bought a batch of the Fiat G.50 fighter aeroplanes. Despite some difficulties with petting the planes over to Finland, the new Fiats arrived just in time to get involved in the Winter War. They fought bravely in the war, and they also did so later in the Continuation War. And as in FInland the conditions were a bit different to sunny Italy, the airframes had to be improved to some extent. These alterations involved the empennage, dorsal sections of the fuselage, propeler spinners and a few more. So in the end, the appearance of each machine varied a bit throughout its service. And the same happened to the camouflage schemes worn by the Fiats. Starting with original Italian schemes which gave way to new Finnish colours better suited to the new environment. And it has been our aim now to cover all these changes in our model, too. In the box, you will able to chose from free various Finnish machines, two of which come in two various schemes each. They are as flown by such aces as was Kapt. R.O.P Puhhaky and Luunt. O.Tuomimen, and we could not omit his famous „Blue 6“ of course. Besides the decals, the kit contains four sprues of styrene parts, a clear styrene canopy, a set of finely detailed resin parts including the excellent replica of the Fiat A.74 radial and also a fret of etches.
–    Very interesting camouflage schemes of Finnish ace fighter pilots
–    Etches and resin parts contained in the kit
–    Also separately available: Q32168 Wheels and M32007 pre-cut masks