Sideshow Originals 1/1 Statue – Peeled Apple


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Sideshow Originals Statue Peeled Apple
ETA: END 02/2023

Don’t let one bad apple get under your skin!

Sideshow presents the Peeled Apple Replica, a creepy collectible specially cultivated for your horror collection. Sunken eyes and a yellowed smile make this frightening fruit stand out in any bushel, barrel, or bowl. Sure, the Peeled Apple might be a little flayed and decayed, but that’s all part of the apeel.

This pared produce pairs perfectly with other Apple Replicas by Sideshow or with your statues and figures to provide a sense of scale. Spoil the bunch and bring home the Peeled Apple Replica for your shelf today!

Product Size: 11 x 8 x 8 cm