Sideshow & DC Comics | Batgirl Premium Format Figure 1/4 Statue

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This item will be released 30 Ottobre 2024.


Sideshow & DC Comics | Batgirl Premium Format Figure 1/4 Statue

ETA: END 10/2024

“You know, the costume may have changed … but the attitude’s the same.”
Sideshow presents the Batgirl Premium Format™ Figure, joining our Bat-Family of DC collectibles. Pitting Barbara Gordon against one of Gotham’s iconic criminals, this exciting quarter-scale statue includes light-up elements, Batman Easter eggs, and more!
In Gotham City, evil wears many faces … Luckily, Batgirl sees right through the deception. The redheaded heroine stands triumphant after effectively neutralizing Clayface using electrified Batarangs. Blue energy sparks through the villain as he tries to shapeshift his way out of the situation, while hidden portraits of Batman, Nightwing, and Commissioner Gordon emerge from the muck. Light-up features in Clayface’s eyes, mouth, and Batarang wounds bring this battle to life with an added display option.
The polystone Batgirl Premium Format Figure measures 21.73″ tall by 13.43″ wide by 13.9″ deep. Inspired by the characters as they appear in DC Comics, this collectible is fully sculpted to capture everything from her costume details down to the varied textures of Clayface’s body. Cloth-like bandages wrap Batgirl’s arms and legs, while her tactical Batsuit is accented with armored gold elements like gauntlets, boots, and a utility belt. Batgirl’s outfit is weathered to reflect the perils of crimefighting in Gotham City, and a tattered cape flutters off her shoulder. Below her, Clayface alternates between melting, muddy ooze and dried, cracked dirt where the Batarangs have zapped him.
Give the villains of Gotham a big shock when you bring home the Batgirl Premium Format Figure to protect your DC collection. Add her to your lineup of Batman collectibles today!
Producte Size: 55 x 34 x 35 cm