Queen Studios | Rescue (Pepper Potts) 1:1 Life-size Bust




Queen Studios | Rescue (Pepper Potts) 1:1 Life-size Bust

License: Marvel
Material: Polystone
Special Features: Internal lighting in arc reactor and eyes
Size: 51cm (W), 79cm (H), 40cm (L) Click to View Bust In Your Room
Edition Size: 299

About The Character
Virginia “Pepper” Potts was first introduced to the MCU in 2008 as Tony Stark’s assistant. Often in the background, she made sure Stark Industries ran efficiently. Tony recognised her hard work, and made her CEO. But their relationship didn’t end there. Later, Tony and Pepper tied the knot, but not before he secretly created the Mark 49 later renamed “Rescue” when she joined the fight against Thanos is Avengers: Endgame.

About The Bust
Expertly designed with intricate detailing, the 1:1 life-size “Rescue” bust is a movie accurate depiction of the Rescue armor worn by Pepper Potts in Avengers: Endgame. In keeping with the original armor, Queen Studios’ artists have captured the sleek design and contours of the suit. The paintwork is masterfully applied to recreate the metallic lavender blue aesthetic, with champagne gold and silver trim.

Body and Base
Like Stark’s Iron Man armor, the Mark 49 includes the arc reactor as the main power source. For this limited edition collectible Rescue bust, the arc reactor is visible front and center, and can be displayed fully lit. Accurate to the movie, the rear panels incorporate both of the armor’s key identifiers, “Rescue” and “0049”. While the base is crafted to look sleek and elegant with the displacer sentries flanking on the left and right.