Quarantine Studios | La Muerta: La Muerta Vengeance 1/5 Statue

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Quarantine Studios | La Muerta: La Muerta Vengeance 1/5 Statue
ETA: Available 2023 Q2

Death has a new face!

Returning home from the war in Afghanistan, Army veteran Maria Diaz wanted to settle into a quiet, peaceful life. Those dreams were shattered when her family was slaughtered by a death worshiping crime cartel. Now Maria dons the guise of the vigilante LA MUERTA, seeking bloody vengeance against the city’s most ruthless criminals.

Inspired by the work of Joel Gomez, this 1:5 scale collectible statue is definitely one of a kind. Fully licensed by Coffin comics, digitally sculpted by Ehren Bienert and paint mastered by David ‘Shakey Dave’ Dill. You are going to love this statue.

La Muerta stands atop an 8-inch-tall tomb intricately detailed with ornate carvings and topped off with empty shell casings and mag dumps. There are so many things hidden in the details of the tomb you will won’t believe your eyes and that isn’t even the best part.

La Muerta herself stands approximately 15 inches tall and is most definitely a sight to behold. Her boots are signature Joel Gomez. Even worn and tattered, boots have never looked so good. From the upturned toes to the oversized knee guards, these boots were made for more than just walking.

Then there are those skin tight pants and half tee. Topped off with an urban flak jacket like no other. Red diamond stitched collars on a worn leather cropped jacket accented with zippers and buckles. Round it out with hand painted bones and you have the most tantalizing battle fatigues ever seen.

Of course, every soldier needs their war paint and La Muerta didn’t forget hers. A beautiful paste white base coat with beautiful ebony flourishes, blood red lips and eyes that will pierce your soul. She is dressed to kill and toting the hardware to do it too. This collectible statue is ready for action even if it’s just taking over as the center piece in your collection.