Prime 1 Studio – Sword Art Online: Asuna 1/7 PVC Statues



Prime 1 Studio – Sword Art Online: Asuna 1/7 PVC Statues
Pre-order: Available 2024 Q2

Price for the Deluxe Version: 1.250,00 €
Price for the Regular Version: 350,00 €


”I’m Not Going To Die Because I’m The One Who’s Going To Protect You.”

Taking place in a VRMMORPG (Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), Sword Art Online is a cruel game where people fight for their own lives. To celebrate this increasingly fast-paced and epic anime’s 10-year anniversary, Asuna, the heroine of the series makes her debut!

As the vice commander of the Knights of the Blood Guild, she wields a sword with blinding speed. This real-world recreation of Asuna, also known as Lightning Flash, was born from an illustration that demonstrates her lightning-fast speed. This statue shows off her light-filled eyes, her actively flowing long hair, her costume that showcases various textures, and her silvery white rapier that extends as if it were part of her arm. Each part of the figure has been painstakingly sculpted and painted, presenting her design from the anime as a sublime, life-like recreation.

In addition, this version of the statue comes with a massive decorated base that features various designs from the world of the anime. The intricate details displayed in polystone and the alluring light from the built-in LEDs fully exhibit Asuna’s attractive allure.

This is a seamless work of art that we are proud to present to players all over the world!

• Material: Polystone, PVC and ABS
• Aincrad-Themed polystone base with built-in LED illumination
• Height: 38cm Width: 33cm Depth: 42cm

Product Dimensions:38cm x 33cm x 42cm (LxWxH )
Package Dimensions:38cm x 33cm x 42cm (LxWxH )