Prime 1 Studio | Golden Kamuy Prisma Wing – Hyakunosuke Ogata 1/7 PVC Figure

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Prime 1 Studio | Golden Kamuy Prisma Wing – Hyakunosuke Ogata 1/7 PVC Figure

ETA: END 02/2024

Here comes the lone sniper who always hits his target. Hyakunosuke Ogata from Golden Kamuy has been faithfully reproduced!

This figure was specially made from an original illustration. One eye-catching detail is that ever-familiar gesture of him stroking his hair in a carefree pose that might make you think he’s smiling, but he’s not. Even though he sees everything, he remains hidden. His true characteristics have been painstakingly recreated via his unique eyes.

The Type 38 infantry rifle held in his right hand is also crafted with extreme precision. Also, the paintwork of the wood and iron is so realistic, every little detail including the sight has been accurately sculpted. Just one peek at the binoculars placed on the rocky ground, and it feels like “The Sniper” Hyakunosuke Ogata is right next to you.

He’s presented here as sitting in the wilderness of Hokkaido with his knapsack of cooking utensils right beside his feet. Just look at all the fallen ammunition on the ground around him, you can feel the intensity of the grueling conflict over their share of the gold!

Together with Saichi Sugimoto, Hyakunosuke Ogata has been sculpted just like his appearance in the manga and anime. PRISMA WING is proud to present this figure to fans and collectors around the world!

Size: 22 x 19 x 15 cm