Prime 1 Studio | Devil May Cry 3 Ultimate Premium Masterline Series – Dante 1/4 Statues



Prime 1 Studio | Devil May Cry 3 Ultimate Premium Masterline Series – Dante 1/4 Statues

ETA: END 04/2025

Price for the Regular Version: 1.400,00 €

Price for the Deluxe Version: 1.680,00 €

Price for the Deluxe Bonus Version: 1.789,00 €


“You’re just a demon brat! And I’m a son of Sparda!”

Prime 1 Studio is very proud to present yet another masterful entry to the Ultimate Premium Masterline Series: the 1:4 Scale UPMDMC3-01DXS Dante Deluxe Bonus Version from Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening.
Following Devil May Cry 5’s critical success, it comes as no surprise that Prime 1 Studio would keep on delivering fans another massive favorite. Let us take you on a stroll down memory lane, introducing Dante in all his glory from the series’ third title from the nostalgic era of the PlayStation 2.
Prime 1 Studio’s artists have once again done a marvelous job at bringing life to the Nephilim in stylish and rebellious aesthetics that we’ve all known so well for almost two decades. Standing proudly at 26 inches tall, Dante’s in his younger years, iconic long, untamed white hair cascading down his face and contrasting with his gleaming, piercing eyes. His face reflects a carefree and cocky expression, conveying his devil-may-care attitude! The young devil hunter shows us his muscular physique while dual-wielding pistols, Ebony and Ivory, ready to unleash a storm of bullets at a moment’s notice. Strapped to his back is his faithful weapon, the massive magical blade known as Rebellion. His deep crimson coat billows dramatically, adding a sense of flair to the statue, textured and shaded to perfection, each zip and stitch has been carved with the highest level of skill. At his feet lays bloodied remains of some poor demon who’s met its doom.
You can expand your storytelling with the numerous swappable parts included in the statue. A swappable left-hand part to wield the Rebellion over his shoulder. Another swappable head part for an alternative facial expression, as well as a swappable right-arm part pointing his gun outwards. Everything you need to perfectly display Dante on his own, or paired with his brother Vergil, as shown in the Next Level Showcase, a companion piece that will be up for pre-order very soon!
The Deluxe Version includes Nevan the Devil Arm in its guitar form which Dante wields with his swappable left-hand part. Two additional swappable right hands, one that points forward as the other rest of the hilt of Rebellion, as well as an alternative head that displays Dante shouting as he glances sideways. We’ve also thrown in two logo displays, one for the NA/JP Version and the other for the EU Version of the game.
And when you order the Bonus Version from our official store or any authorized distributor, you will receive a left hand that holds a delicious-looking slice of pizza!
Capture the essence of Dante’s iconic demon-slaying style with this meticulously crafted statue. A must-have for passionate Devil May Cry fans seeking to showcase their devotion to the legendary demon hunter! Pre-order the UPMDMC3-01DXS Dante Deluxe Bonus now and be on the lookout for his brother Vergil in the near future!


– Statue Size Approximately 26 inches [H: 67cm W: 36cm D: 48cm]
– Statue Size Approximately 26 inches [H: 67cm W: 54cm D: 50cm] (Dual Display Pose)
– Statue Size Approximately 26 inches [H: 66cm W: 45cm D: 37cm] (Holding Nevan Pose)
– Devil May Cry 3-themed base
– Three (3) Swappable head parts (Normal head, dual display head & shouting head)
– Three (3) Swappable left-hand parts (Holding gun, holding sword & holding guitar)
– Four (4) Swappable right-hand parts (Gun pointed forward and dual display arm, free hand pointed forward & resting on sword)
– Two (2) Logo displays (NA/JP Version & EU Version)
– One (1) swappable bonus left-hand part (Holding pizza slice) [BONUS PART]

Please note: Due to the size of this item, additional shipping costs may apply.