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Avatar: The Way of Water – Neytiri Bonus Version
Prime 1 Studio – Diorama
Pre-order: Available 2024 Q4

”This is not a squad, it is a family!”
Prime 1 Studio is absolutely thrilled and excited to present you with the next addition to our Ultimate Diorama Masterline Series: UDMAVTR-02 S Neytiri BONUS VERSION from Avatar 2: The Way of the Water.
It comes as no surprise that Prime 1 Studio has chosen the most anticipated motion picture of all time as inspiration for our 10th-anniversary centerpiece. Our production artists have once again outdone themselves in bringing the highly detailed world of Pandora’s ocean environment to life. Jake & Neytiri are now parents and take on their biggest challenge yet to keep their family together and safe. James Cameron has transported us yet once again back to the breathtaking, rich, and vibrant world of Pandora, ever so rich with texture and contrasting landscapes and magical creatures.
For Prime 1 Studio artists, it required the highest level of technical experience and expertise. Bringing Avatar’s diverse world and its heroes together in a way that communicates the same visual experience audience has inside the theatre was quite the challenge, but as we strive for the utmost best, we continue to push boundaries and offer our most exceptionally detailed pieces yet.
Neytiri soars high in the sky, riding her majestic Banshee over the bluest of ocean surfaces. Its powerful wings create ripples and waves through the water. Rocky mountains at her back, Neytiri is determined to protect her family and take on any enemies she may face. Their children happily swim down below with their beautiful ilu, gliding across through a landscape of vibrant corals and luminescent rays all around the base, faithfully replicated with the highest attention to detail. LED technology also allows you to replicate the light refractions through the water, creating an even more immersive experience when admiring your statue.
When you order the bonus version, Neytiri holds in her left hand a bow, a traditional and iconic weapon used by the Na’vi, fitting the agile and fierce warrior of Pandora that is our deuteragonist Neytiri.
This diorama is the product of ten years of being in the industry, culminating years of technical expertise and imagination, providing the most mesmerizing, bringing life and movement to a still statue is quite the challenge. Breakthroughs in every of our production aspects have allowed us to maintain the visual fidelity of Cameroon’s vision. From the different textures of the corals to the color patterns on the magical creature’s wings, this piece is a showstopper for any fan of Pandora’s majestic world. Pre-order this UDMAVTR-02S Neytiri and UDMAVTR-01S Jake Sully piece to eternalize the grandiose motion picture that is Avatar: The Way of Water.
Product Specifications:
• Statue Size approximately 30.3 inches tall [H:77cm W:48cm D:46cm]
• Statue of Neytiri flying on Banshee
• Coral reef Ocean themed-base
• LED-Illuminated Base
• One (1) swappable hand holding bow [BONUS PART]
This item needs to be shipped on a pallet. Additional shipping costs can be applied.
Weight:14200 gram
Product Dimensions:46cm x 48cm x 77cm   (LxWxH )