Prime 1 Studio – 1/7 PVC Figure | No Game No Life Prisma Wing – Schwi

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No Game No Life Prisma Wing – Schwi
Prime 1 Studio – 1/7 PVC Figure
ETA: END 08/2023

We have announced it during our latest PRISMA TV vol.3, and now we are ready to launch the pre order for this all-new PVC figure for PRISMA WING! Directly from the movie “No Game No Life – Zero”, the Ex-Machina girl Schwi joined our collection!

Take a look at this 1/7 Scale figure: the soft and pale skin finely matches with the cybernetic and inorganic features, a perfect combo that reminds us of the beauty of an Ex-Machina. The two cables that she uses to charge her power source trace a sinuous curve along her tiny body.
Despite the delicacy expressed by the whole figure, her long messy hair reaching down to her knees is an explosion of vitality: the painting is a light gradation of colors, changing from pink to blue, green and then yellow.

Through our efforts in capturing the gentle nature and purity of her appearance, Schwi has been succesfully recreated in a pose that screams elegance complemented by the beauty of the fine eye prints, the clear parts and the hair flowing in the wind.

Exactly as Shiro from the same Prisma Wing line-up, Schwi stands on a chessboard theme designed base, adorned by transparent chess pieces and lucent cubes, a scene that will undoubtedly catch your eyes!
Schwi seeks to understand the essence of the human beings, so why don’t you get your copy and open your heart to her?

Size: 26 x 15 x 20 cm