Masters of the Universe Art Scale | Evil-Lyn Color Variant 1/10 Statue

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This item will be released 31 Maggio 2025.


Masters of the Universe Art Scale | Evil-Lyn Color Variant 1/10 Statue

ETA: END 11/2024

Eternia’s fearsome witch gets a variant statue from Iron Studios!
Wielding her mystical scepter in her left hand, the feared witch conjures her magic, serving as the right hand of an evil sorcerer, being the most powerful and intelligent among his partners and minions. She watches her goal with cold and calculating eyes, hoping to harness her master’s powers and one day rule planet Eternia. Dressed in her classic original costume in shades of matte and metallic blue, with her head protected by a helmet in the shape of a crown in the colors of her attire, Iron Studios presents the variant statue “Evil-Lyn Color Variant – MOTU – Art Scale 1/10” with the most feared villain among the evil warriors, enemy of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, with a yellowish skin tone like her original figure, on a base in the shape of a crimson rocky
totem, surrounded by claws sprouting from its interior where thorny vines wrap around in a typical set of her evil lair in the Snake Mountain.
Fiercely ambitious and often working independently of her master, the ruthless sorcerer Skeletor, creating her own schemes to conquer the planet Eternia, for which she occasionally recruited other henchmen, Evil-Lyn can teleport, fire magical blasts from her hands and eyes, control minds, and conjure storms, in addition to being very skilled in disguise, often deceiving the heroic warriors. Daughter of the powerful sorcerer called Faceless One, she met the warlord Keldor in her youth, with whom she forged an alliance. When he was severely injured fighting Captain Randor in the Hall of Wisdom, Evil-Lyn took Keldor to Hordak’s Sanctuary and witnessed his transformation into Skeletor. Despite her discomfort, Evil-Lyn continued to loyally serve Skeletor as second
in command but had always hinted that she would one day usurp his position.
Presented on the Inside Iron Studios Day of May, Evil-Lyn Color Variant expands Iron Studios’ MOTU statue line along the others previously presented statues such as Hordak Comics, Anti-Eternia He-Man, Teela Warrior Goddess, and Trap Jaw, which much more than a distinct paint job, presented a completely new configuration of the characters! Already available for Pre-Order, check out more Masters of the Universe news from Iron Studios soon!
Size: ca. 28 cm