Lord of the Rings: Lurtz Uruk-Hai Leader 1:10 Scale Statue


This item will be released 30 Giugno 2025.


Lord of the Rings: Lurtz Uruk-Hai Leader

Iron Studios – 1/10 Statues

Preorder: 06/2025

Iron Studios bring a statue of feared Uruk-hai original from LOTR!

Extremely violent and blindly loyal to Saruman, of all the Uruk-hai created in Isengard, he is probably the most intelligent, fearless, and capable leader. With his face painted for war, on an environmental display base of the forested land of Parth Galen, with the legendary Horn of Gondor cracked at his feet, the gigantic Orc carries his deadly arrows in a quiver on his waist, while firmly holding his large bow in his left hand. Clad in thick armor, despite his brutish and unorthodox fighting style, his skill as an archer and swordsman using a scimitar make him a lethal adversary. To the joy and satisfaction of fans and collectors of The Lord of the Rings franchise, Iron Studios presents the statue ‘Lurtz, Uruk-hai Leader – Lord of the Rings – Art Scale 1:10’ featuring the first and most feared Uruk-hai created by Saruman and leader of his scouts.

Created specifically for Peter Jackson’s movie ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring’, Lurtz was the first of the Uruk-hai, a new breed of Orcs, leader of Saruman’s scouts. Seconds after his birth, he choked the first Orc he saw to death, and when the other Orcs advanced against the newborn Uruk-hai, the wizard Saruman interrupted them, intrigued by the violence present in Lurtz, who became the Wizard’s second in command and led the first battalion of Uruk-hai in the battle against the Fellowship of the Ring at Amon Hen. In Jackson’s adaptation, Lurtz is responsible for the death of Boromir, hitting the warrior with three arrows, and after his soldiers captured the Hobbits Merry and Pippin, as he slowly approached the injured Boromir for the coup de grâce, Aragorn, who heard the sound of the Horn of Gondor played by Boromir, intervenes and knocks Lurtz to the ground, and after a brutal fight between them, Aragorn manages to sever Lurtz’s arm and decapitate him, and Boromir dies shortly afterwards, after speaking with Aragorn. Portrayed by the New Zealand Maori actor Lawrence Makoare, his body was so large that he declined the padding used by other Uruk-hai actors, needing only the minimum to give him the features. With his vision impaired by the makeup, Makoare couldn’t hold back his punches in the sequence where he fights Aragorn, so to avoid repeating this scene in the shooting, Viggo Mortensen decided to retaliate to the same extent, which means that the physical blows were completely real.

After a while without new LOTR releases by Iron Studios, Lurtz arrives already available for Pre-Order, presented on this month’s Inside Iron Studios Day, exciting fans and collectors of the Middle-earth universe adapted by director Peter Jackson in two movie trilogies acclaimed worldwide. Don’t miss out on more Iron Studios news in collectibles from pop culture’s multiverse!