Kinetic | F-16A MLU Block 20 -Gold S 1/48 Model Kit


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F-16A MLU Block 20 -Gold S 

Kinetic – 1/48 Model Kit

The F-16 is a single-engine, multi-role tactical aircraft. It is equipped with
an M61 Vulcan cannon in the left wing root, and is almost always armed with the
AIM-120 AMRAAM on these rails. It can also be armed with a wide variety of air-to-air
missiles and air-to-ground missiles, rockets or bombs, carried on a number of
hard points under the wings.
From the very beginning, the F-16 was intended to be a cost-effective “workhorse”
that could perform various kinds of missions and maintain around-the-clock readiness.
It is much simpler and lighter than its predecessors, but uses advanced aerodynamics
and avionics, including the first use of fly-by-wire (earning it the nickname
of “the electric jet”), to maintain good performance.