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Universal Monsters: Deluxe The Wolf Man
Iron Studios – 1/10 Statues
Preorders | Available 2023 Q1

– Price for the regular Version: 169.90 € –

Iron Studios presents: The Wolf Man from Universal Monsters!!

Lurking through the night, between concrete headstones in an old cemetery, a hybrid human and wolf creature watches the full moon illuminate its hunting ground and command its cursed metamorphosis. Once a gentle and a quiet man, of whom only the clothes of that time remain and now a predatory beast with sharp fangs and claws. Using his keen animal senses to locate his next victim, he howls, announcing his presence and in growls, lunges for the attack like a deadly beast. Adding to the collection of the most iconic movie monsters, Iron Studios presents its statue ‘The Wolf Man Deluxe – Art Scale 1:10 – Universal Monsters’, featuring another horror classic, acclaimed and worshiped by fans since the 1940s.

Part of the Universal Monsters horror film franchise, produced by Universal Pictures between the 1930s and 1950s, The Wolf Man of 1941 features the story of Larry Talbot, played by Lon Chaney Jr. When he returned to his ancestral home in Wales for his brother’s funeral while defending a young girl from a werewolf attack, despite having defeated the beast, he was wounded by the animal, thus becoming the heir to this curse, and this prediction had been made by a Gypsy fortune-teller named Maleva. On the night of the full moon following this episode, he transformed and killed several villagers. After the film’s success, Lon Chaney Jr. repeated his classic role as Wolf Man in four sequels and was the only Universal monster played by the same actor in all of his 1940s film appearances.

Wolf Man is added to Iron Studios’ collection as one more pop icon inspired by the horror movies that introduced the first shared universe of characters. They were immortalized in distinct film productions, which defined the visual identity of these monsters and are present in world pop culture to this day.

Iron Studios also features the regular variant statue ‘The Wolf Man – Art Scale 1:10 – Universal Monsters’, featuring the monster figure on a simple base with only the forest floor. Don’t miss the statues ‘The Mummy Deluxe Art Scale 1:10 – Universal Monsters’ and the regular variant ‘The Mummy Art Scale 1:10 – Universal Monsters’. Stay tuned to our social media and our youtube channel to discover all the other statues that will be released!