Iron Studios – Thundercats Villains 1/10 Statues


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Iron Studios – Thundercats Villains 1/10 Statues
Prices: Vultureman: 199.90 € – Monkian: 199.90 € – Jackalman: 199.90 € – Slithe: 199.90 € – Ma-Mutt: 125.00 €

Created by Rankin/Bass, ThunderCats was one of the most successful animated series of the 1980s, with three seasons totaling 130 episodes. Expanding the collection of statues in the line based on characters created by Tobin ‘Ted’ Wolf, after the previously released heroic ThunderCats gained prominence with individual pieces that form a diorama backdrop, Now it’s the turn of the mutant villains to join forces with the mummified sorcerer Mumm-Ra (already available) in the composition of a scenario that will bring in addition to Vultureman, its leader Slithe, and his allies Monkian and Jackalman, as well as the canine Ma-Mutt, Mumm-Ra’s mascot, in new Art Scale 1:10 statues from Iron Studios, available individually.