Iron Studios | Saint Seiya Deluxe Art Scale Statue 1/10 Dragon Shiryu



Iron Studios | Saint Seiya Deluxe Art Scale Statue 1/10 Dragon Shiryu

ETA: END 11/2024

On the stairs that connect the Twelve Houses in the mythic Sanctuary of Athena, between the worn-out steps and crumbling marble pillars, the saint whose name means Purple Dragon because of his constellation, raises his right hand with an extremely serene countenance preparing his secret technique. Burning a powerful cosmos, with long dark hair raised and the figure of a translucent emerald dragon with LED lights surrounding him, he creates a volley shape which will throw any opponent to the air, a power capable of even reversing the flow of a waterfall. Iron Studios proudly present their statue “Dragon Shiryu Deluxe – Saint Seiya – Art Scale 1/10”, the most mature and wise of the 5 Bronze Saints tasked with the mission of protecting the goddess Athena, in a Deluxe version with two interchangeable heads, one with the helmet and the other without it.

Iron Studios also bring the regular version of the statue “Dragon Shiryu – Saint Seiya – Art Scale 1/10”, without the extra head or the translucent Dragon figure surrounding the Bronze Saint, over the base of the stone steps of the Sanctuary.

Shiryu wears the emerald Bronze cloth of the Dragon constellation, a jewel among the other clothes due to its legendary defense properties. Little is known about his childhood, he was adopted by Mitsumasa Kido, and, under the care of the Graad Foundation, he was trained with 99 other orphans. After a few years there was finally a raffle that would reveal where each of the 100 children would be sent to receive further training in order to earn a cloth and become a Saint. Shiryu was sent to train at the Five Ancient Peaks of Lushan, in China, where he would be trained by the Gold Saint Dohko, also known as the Old Master. After years of intense training, Shiryu finally managed to pass the final test of reversing the waterfall of the Five Peaks and earned the Dragon Cloth. Tall with dark hair, Shiryu has a dragon tattoo on his back that appears whenever his cosmos at its maximum, and the dragon’s right claw shows exactly where his heart is.

Originally created in the manga by Masami Kuramada in 1986 and adapted to anime by Toei Animation between 1986 and 1989, the Saint Seiya show tells the story of 5 mystic bronze saints that fight to protect the human incarnation of the Goddess Athena, wearing sacred cloths, based on many constellations. Revealed on November 30th, Thursday, in the panel on the Ultra Stage at CCXP 2023 and exhibited later on Iron Studios’ booth, with a global Pre-Order already available, check out the statue “Pope Ares BDS – Saint Seiya – Art Scale 1/10”, the first of the collection with the Great Master revealed at CCXP 2022, and the revealed “Cygnus Hyoga – Saint Seiya – Art Scale 1/10”, “Saint Seiya Pegasus Seiya Art Scale 1/10”, and “Andromeda Shun – Saint Seiya – Art Scale 1/10”, all with Deluxe and regular versions that will compose a diorama set with the 5 main Bronze Saints.

Size: ca. 38 x 24 x 26 cm