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Universal Monsters: Dracula Bela Lugosi
Iron Studios – 1/10 Statues
Price for the Regular Edition: 175.00 €uro!
Price for the Deluxe Edition: 230.00 €uro!

In the border between Transylvania and Wallachia, in the middle of the forest in the Carpathian Mountains, a noble and eccentric aristocratic figure, dressed in a gallant formal suit open its red and black cape like giant wings of a night creature, fixating its hypnotic eyes to feed from the blood of live prey to maintain its power and immortality. Thus, Iron Studios proudly present their statue ‘Dracula Deluxe – Art Scale 1:10 – Universal Monsters’, with the most famous vampire from fiction, on a diorama pedestal with the staircase steps from its castle and a wild wolf howling by its side, highlighting its power to control the creatures of the night.

Precursor of the Universal Classic Monsters franchise, the first shared cinematic universe, Dracula was released in 1931, and marked the beginning of the Golden Age of Horror, time in which the sound films radically changed the genre and some of the greatest monsters from all times were perpetuated in the history of cinema. Based on Dracula’s theater play from 1924, adapted from the gothic horror novel Dracula from 1897 by Bram Stoker, the vampire lord was played by the seasoned Hungarian actor Bela Lugosi, chosen because of his performance in the Broadway’s theater adaptation, Lugosi immortalized Dracula’s image in the pop culture as the archetypal vampire in works of fiction. In the story, the charming and mysterious Count Dracula, a secular vampire, migrates from Transylvania to Carfax Abbey in England where he’s faced by his greatest rival, professor Van Helsing.

Dracula, already available for Pre-Order, adds to Iron Studios’ collection along with The Wolf Man and The Mummy, both also available for Pre-Order, as another pop icon inspired by the horror movies and immortalized in different film productions. Iron Studios will also bring the regular variant statue ‘Dracula – Art Scale 1:10 – Universal Monsters’, with the figure of the vampire lord in a simple pedestal from Iron Studios. There are other statues coming soon from the Universal Monsters line by Iron Studios that will be presented in their social media and YouTube channel!