Iron Studios – 1/10 Statue | The Exorcist: Deluxe Possessed Regan McNeil


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The Exorcist: Deluxe Possessed Regan McNeil
Iron Studios – 1/10 Statue

The terrifying Regan from the ”The Exorcist” in a new statue by Iron Studios!

Trapped inside her room in a big house located in Georgetown, a historical neighborhood in the Northwest of Washington, in the U.S., over an old couple bed with padded headboard and footboard to protect its occupant, a demonic evil entity possesses the body of a preteen girl, turning her physically distorted with her body covered in wounds. Seating with a malicious and unhuman countenance, all that the diabolic spirit that lives in her body wishes for is to cause the death of its innocent host. Considered by many as the most terrifying movie of all times, Iron Studios present their statue ”Possessed Regan McNeil Deluxe – The Exorcist – Art Scale 1/10”, with the possessed protagonist from ”The Exorcist”, one of the greatest horror films ever done, celebrating its 50-year-anniversary of causing shivers of fear and horror in many generations.

Daughter of a famous Hollywood actress, Regan MacNeil is a 12-years-old girl that is joyful, shy, and dedicated to her mother, until she begins to present some bizarre changes in her mood and aggressive attitudes, cursing a lot, and demonstrating a definitely abnormal behavior for someone of her age. She was taken to many doctors and submitted to several medical examinations without getting to a definitive diagnosis. When evaluated by a psychiatrist in a hypnosis session, the doctor raises the possibility of her being possessed by a demon. After witnessing unexplainable events, her mother seeks help of Damian Karras, a priest that studied psychology, and at first appears reluctant in approving an exorcism. But after assessing and witnessing other paranormal events, he seeks the help and supervision of a more experienced priest. He is then assisted by priest Lankester Merrin, starting a long fight between the demon called Pazuzu, that is possessing Regan, and the Priest Karras for the girl’s life. Based on the novel by William Peter Blatty, who also wrote the film, the movie ”The Exorcist” from 1973, directed by William Friedkin, was the first horror movie to be nominated for the Best Picture Academy Award, and caused a huge, unprecedented impact on the audiences and critics, significantly shaping pop culture. Regan became a horror movies’ icon, and the primary influence for the subsequent movies that portrayed demonic possessions.

Portraying in detail the bed from the set, with thorough care to the frightening demonic face of Regan, played by actress Linda Blair, the statue produced based on the original references by Iron Studios expands their collection derivative from the biggest horror classics from cinema. Presented on the Inside Iron Studios Day of November, the monthly show on the official Iron Studios’ YouTube channel, Possessed Regan McNeil Deluxe is already available for Pre-Order. Soon more news from other legendary horror classics immortalized in detailed and precise statues by Iron Studios.