Infinity Studio | Lord Of The Rings Master Forge Series – Gimli 1/2 Statue

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Infinity Studio | Lord Of The Rings Master Forge Series – Gimli 1/2 Statue

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The newest addition to the Master Forge follows the Legolas 1/2 figure, Gandalf the Grey 1/2 figure and the Witch King of Angmar 1/2 figure.As a member of the Lord of the Rings expedition, Gimli was a fierce and resilient man who, in the course of the battle, formed a close friendship with the elf Legolas and became known as the Friend of the Elves. He escorted Frodo Baggins to destroy the Ring of Power and was a noble and stalwart warrior, using his battle axe as his weapon.
We will continue to release the Lord of the Rings 1/2 body statue series to resonate with Middle-earth.

Head sculpture:
In order to bring back the details of Gimli’s image from the film, we have used platinum silicone to create the head.
The natural texture of the skin was carefully sculpted, complemented by vivid expressions, to bring out Gimli’s bravery in battle.

In addition, tens of thousands of real hairs were hand-planted to bring back the iconic feature of the Golden Thunder – a messy red moustache.

Battle suit:
The outer layer of the armour is carefully cut from real fabric, with a leather belt and metal buckles.
The shoulders, arms and legs are covered in hard armour with detailed engraved surface patterns
The highlight of the armour is
We have hand-woven the inner layers of this armour from individual pieces of metal, with impeccable detail and texture.

We have carved the famous Book of Masabur into the stone structure of the floor, which chronicles the attempts of the Bahraini colonial forces to reclaim Murraya. This historical document lay dusty in the Mazabur chamber of Murraya, in front of the tomb of Bahrain, until it was discovered by the Ranger expedition.
Another of Kinley’s battle axes, and the bones of the orcs, are placed on the floor to help bring the atmosphere back to the film
The spider webs that cover the floor are made of silk and can be decorated as you wish.
The base of the platform is decorated with a Dwarven motif, and the overall stylised design of the base adds to the characterisation of the statue.

Weapons are a warrior’s best friend.
In the film, Gimli carries a number of battle axes with him.
For this reason we have created three of the film’s battle axes for the 1/2 Goliath figure
Two battle axes, one throwing axe and one throwing axe,
The throwing axe can be easily switched between the hands and the waist, so you can mix and match as you wish.

Size: 88 x 53 x 52 cm

Material: Medical Platinum Silicone, Polystone, Fiber, Fabric, PVC

Limited Edition of 250 pcs worldwide.