Infinity Studio | Fast & Furious 5: Gal Gadot as Giselle 1:4 Scale Statue



Infinity Studio | Fast & Furious 5: Gal Gadot as Giselle 1:4 Scale Statue

Preorders | ETA: 12/2024

Fast and Furious 1 was released on June 22, 2001 in the United States. To Fast and Furious 10, which was released on May 17th of this year Looking back, we realize that this movie history IP has already gone through 22 years! Through each frame, countless classic characters of the series have remained in our memories.

As the first Universal Studios licensed Fast & Furious IP collectible in Infinity studio Fast & Furious 5 – Gisele 1:4 full-body statue with extreme craftsmanship allows us to re-cross the gap of time. Frames the hot blooded memories of speed and youth in our minds.

The head sculpture and the real fabric costume restore the most beautiful Gal Gadot.

For the head sculpture, we strive to accurately reproduce the image of Gal Gadot in the movie.We focus on the details of her facial features and the natural, dynamic hair movement effect that we achieved after many adjustments. in order to express Gisele’s sexy and generous charisma. The use of real fabrics. Gisele’s classic biker jacket and jeans outfit in the movie After dozens of times of communication with the clothing pattern factory, we we finally got the texture and style details. Although the process was difficult, the final result has met our expectations. We hope it can fulfill your expectations too!