Infinity Studio – Elegant Beauty: Prince Lanling in Battle Statue



Infinity Studio – Elegant Beauty: Prince Lanling in Battle Statue
Pre-order: Available 2023 Q4

Infinity Studio is hereby proud to present their hottest creation from the original Elegant Beauties Series: ‘Prince Lanling in Battle’!

The product was inspired by the traditional Chinese lyrics ‘Prince Lanling in Battle’, one of the earliest recorded Chinese operas which dates back to 1600 years ago. In 2020, Music Producer Liu Qingyao and CNODDT performer Wang Jianan recreated the song by fusing with a variety of instruments and it gained over 10 million views online. This is where Rocky L was inspired to create the original illustration.

For the first time male characters was introduced into Elegant Beauties Series. The statue is designed into two levels, the man playing below is in an elegant and mysterious atmosphere, while the music he plays illustrates the majestic Prince Lanling above the clouds. The atmosphere above and below is very different, yet it manages to achieve unity like Tai-Chi. The conflict and combination of power and beauty are simultaneously presented.

For the armor they applied delicate and realistic paint job to reflect the intensity of the battlefield. The clouds of the statue are made by clear parts with hand paint to demonstrate the dream-like atmosphere.

This item needs to be shipped on a pallet. Additional shipping costs can be applied.

Product Dimensions:38cm x 25cm x 62cm (LxWxH )