Hotvenus – Original Character Statue 1/6 Chigusa Hoshikawa


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Hotvenus – Original Character Statue 1/6 Chigusa Hoshikawa

A Bewitching Nurse Call! HOTVENUS debuting HOT with Chigusa Hoshikawa!

Well-known illustrator MaruShin’s original character, Chigusa Hoshikawa, is reproduced as HOTVENUS latest 1/6 scale figure!

A late night nurse call in the ward, and everyone’s idol Hoshikawa-chan will come running.
Underneath that white coat are disheveled hot pants and her exposed supple skin.
It definitely feels good for the eyes but not for the heart…. UOOOGGGHHH!

Comes with various parts such as white coat, hot pants, and underwear parts that are cast off.
The chest also comes with a nude interchangeable part.
Furthermore! Hoshikawa-chan comes with 2 face parts such as her “Unmasked Ver.” and “Heart Eyes Ver.” for a very hearty meal.

Ring that bewitching nurse call and treat yourselves by taking a sweet, immoral moment with Hoshikawa-chan.