Hot Toys | Marvel: Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special – Mantis Sixth Scale Action Figure



Marvel: Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special – Mantis
Hot Toys – Sixth Scale Action Figure
Pre-order: Available 2024 Q1

When Mantis learns she is Peter Quill’s sister, well, half-sister as the two share the same psychotic father Ego, she wants to find a way to make him happy. She also learns that on Earth, where Peter is from, people are celebrating Christmas. Therefore, together with Drax, Mantis adventures to Earth to search for a wonderful gift that will hopefully repair their captain’s memories of the festival.
Based on Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, we are delighted to introduce the hugely-anticipated Mantis 1:6 Scale Figure in her wonderful look.
The highly-accurate Mantis collectible includes a meticulously crafted head sculpt with signature antennae, specialized physique, finely tailored outfit strictly faithful to the screen appearance, a delicately designed green holiday sweater with pompom, an array of holiday accessories such as Christmas tree headband, pompom necklace, gift bows apron, giant candy cane, sunglasses and Marvel action figure stand.
This special Mantis figure is here to add some holiday cheer to your display.
Product Dimensions:31cm x 0cm x 0cm   (LxWxH )
Package Dimensions:37cm x 25cm x 14cm   (LxWxH )