ECC | Horus Bust by Miyo Nakamura



ECC | Horus Bust by Miyo Nakamura
Pre-order: ETA: Q2 2024

Horus is one of the great deities of ancient Egypt, typically figuring as a falcon or a falcon-headed man. Egyptians viewed Horus as the protector of the Pharaoh and the ruler of the gods. The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection and of royal power from the deities.
Now, the artists at ECC are turning toward ancient mythology and reimagining these characters. Combining a fascination with the natural world, the intricacies of geometric design, heroic tales of gods and monsters, and a passion for the human form and the Classical Style, the Horus bust is one of the most carefully yet subtly conceived sculptures ECC has created to date.
The Horus is the third character designed and created by Miyo Nakamura for ECC’s Myth line, succeeding the ECC Anubis. Here is what Miyo had to say about the process:”Having the opportunity to sculpt Horus was a special moment of synchronicity. As falcons flew above me, I knew I wanted to connect with him next. His hood of Lapis Lazuli represents strength, courage, royalty, and wisdom, which encompasses the characteristics I wanted him to imbue. Being a shapeshifter, he can fly the skies in his falcon form, showing us the importance of having a bird’s-eye view of things. His energy is that of strength and power, yet there is a choice to be gentle and kind. He showed me to be curious about the world through his piercing eyes. To have Horus’s attention, creating space for me and to connect with his energy was the greatest gift he could have given me, teaching me that our presence is our most valuable commodity.
A special thank you to Charis Melina Brown for her help guiding me through a meditation to meet Horus.”
Prayer to Horus
O Sky Lord,
Connect us from heaven to earth.
Give us insight from heightened perspectives.
Show us the Horizon, the Sun and the Moon.
Message from Horus
Where there is Strength and Power, there can be Kindness. The duality of the sun and moon. Weave the energies of masculine and feminine. We are at a precipice where these energies need to intertwine. Look from above. A common thread shall be born. Those at war fight for Love. The common thread is Love. Do not fret. I know of the human greed better than anyone. Things will ultimately pass. Love always endures all.
• Attractive art nouveau themed ‘Myths’ display base
• Cast in high-quality resin
• Handmade glass eyes
• Each Certificate of Authenticity is signed by Miyo Nakamura
• Limited in production to 199 pieces worldwide!
Product Dimensions:80cm x 40cm x 33cm   (LxWxH )