Blitzway – Nirvana: Kurt Cobain 1/4 Statue

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Blitzway – Nirvana: Kurt Cobain 1/4 Statue
Pre-order: Available 2023 Q3

Tangled blond hair, iconic grunge style old sweater, the gloomy sentiment behind the goodlooking… BLITZWAY presents the new 1:4 Super Scale Statue, Kurt Cobain.

As the legendary rock star represented alternative rock music in the ‘90s era, Kurt Cobain was against the cultural trend in the ‘90s and pioneered his way.

BLITZWAY artists first aimed to find and express the personal sentiment of Kurt Cobain as the one man. We designed head sculpture that crafted great delicacy and included various accessories to reproduce legendary scenes in modern music history.

The hero who sang for our souls and hearts instead of us in the nostalgic ‘90s. Kurt Cobain will stay alongside you forever.

Product Specifications:
– Statue Size approximately 15 inches tall [H: 37cm W: 28.5cm D: 23.8cm]
– Highly detailed likeness sculpture of Kurt Cobain
– Sophisticatedly tailored and designed outfits
– One (1) chair
– One (1) microphone
– One (1) movable and height adjustable microphone stand
– One (1) height adjustable music stand
– One (1) acoustic guitar
– Three (3) guitar picks
– One (1) watch
– One (1) necklace
– Two (2) idea notes
– One (1) designed fabric carpet