Blitzway | Hunters: Day After WW lll – Devil Moli Sixth Scale Action Figure



Blitzway | Hunters: Day After WW lll – Devil Moli Sixth Scale Action Figure
Preorders | Available 2024 Q1

BLITZWAY is thrilled to share that we officially launch the #5 character of BHEADworks’ original design figures ‘Devil Moli’ from ‘HUNTERS: Day After WWIII.’ BHEADworks (Artist Yeon-gyun, Jung) has been loved for its original character design based on the dystopian worldview. The fifth heroine, Devil Moli, is a combat girl who decorates her cute visual like a scary gatekeeper and sensibly notices when an enemy approaches and sends a cue sign with a whistle. Devil Moli may have combat equipment ready for the apocalypse, but she has a bold, humorous design. She expresses the face of a confident girl that loves to fight, all while enjoying some candy at the same time. The included diorama and stand will bring battle scenes to life and make your collection even better. Hurry up and get the Hunters’ fifth heroine, Devil Moli and join up with the other Hunters Collection.

My name is Moli!! I settled down in Bibi town to help watch the boundary at the request of my old friend Bibi. Which of course it’s not free. in the past, Recalling the memory of running into the monster Zatan when passing the west land of Black Earth, I decorated my appearance like a scary gatekeeper following a demon figure. Then I began to get rid of the demon under the name of Devil Moli. I can feel the air flow changing before they come in!! Let’s say it’s an animal sense. After a while, send a whistle cue sign. My mercenary friends gathered in Bibi Town appear from here and there, flashing red eyes one by one in the dark like a black goblin. And soon, the battle of slaughter begins.

Costume & Accessories:
– 1 Trench coat
– 1 Set of full-face headgear
– 1 Upper body armor
– 1 Knee armor
– 1 Shin armor
– 1 Ankle armor
– 1 Pair of boots
– 2 Pairs of gloved hands
– 1 Belt
– 1 Luxurious and weighty POLYSTONE diorama base
– 1 Set of dual pistols
– 1 Car door shield
– 1 Backpack
– 2 Multi tool blades (Assembly with backpack)
– 1 Devil rabbit doll
– 1 Back armor and oxygen tank (for Devil rabbit doll)
– 1 Screw (for Devil rabbit doll)
– 1 Saw (for Devil rabbit doll)
– 3 Grenades
– 1 Dynamite
– 1 Walkie talkie
– 1 Leg strap