Björk: Fossora


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Björk: Fossora

Label: One Little Independent, 2022
Release date: 30.09.2022

Back on Earth
Finally, a new album from acclaimed artpop icon Björk is released. Once again, the idiosyncratic singer completely reinvents her sound and also adapts her look, artwork and in general the visual component to the overall theme of the album.

The highly anticipated work will be called “Fossora,” which the Icelander explains, “It’s a word I made up. It’s the feminine form of fossore (graves, diggers), so it means ‘the digger’ (in the earth) for short. Sonically, it’s about bass, about heavy lows. We have six bass clarinets and massive sub-bass.”

The sound of “Fossora” thus represents a deliberate counter-design to the spherical airiness of its predecessor “Utopia,” which was peppered with flute and string sounds. The Icelander comments: “Every album begins with a feeling for which I want to form a sound. This time, landing on the earth was that feeling of digging my feet into the ground.”

For her first album in five years, Björk has once again invited many guests to make her wide-walled and sprawling sonic visions a reality. Sound engineer Heba Kadry is on board again, as is creative director Bergur Þórisson. Also performing are Spanish musician El Guincho, Serpentwithfeet, Norwegian singer Emilie Nicolas, actress Soraya Nayyar, the Icelandic Hamrahlid Choir, the Siggi String Quartet, clarinet sextet Murmuri and Indonesian dance duo Gabber Modus Operandi. Björk’s son and daughter Sindri and Isadóra also contribute background vocals.

Already the first singles “Atopos”, “Ovule” and “Ancestress” offer a good insight into the strange, beautiful and colorful world Björk invites us into with “Fossora”