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Beast Kingdom Toys | Egg Attack Floating Back to the Future II DeLorean Deluxe Standard & Versions

ETA: END 08/2024

Price for the Standard Version: 380.00 €

Price for the Deluxe Version: 419.90 €


The celebrated sci-fi masterpiece “Back to The Future” tells a story of time travel and the many adventures that come from it. Marty, the hero of the three-part series, by travelling back in time inadvertently alters the past, present, and future, starting from 1885 all the way to October 21, 2015. In part two, we see our hero stuck in the future where he must not only prevent his son from following a destructive path but also relive some of his adventures from 1955, the events of the first movie. The DeLorean, one of the most exciting and iconic vehicles in movie history, is this time upgraded with new tech from the future and showcased in the movie to now cult status.

Beast Kingdom’s “Entertainment Experience Brand” is now proud to present a new “Egg Attack Floating”
release, bringing to life the iconic “DeLorean Time Machine” from “Back to The Future Part II”. What better combination than bringing to life the most well-known function from the car, its levitation functionality? With a length of approximately 20 centimetres, the professionally painted collector’s piece includes silver-coating effects and detailing across. From the iconic gull-wing doors, which can be raised, to the flux capacitor, no detailing has been spared to bring the DeLorean to life.

To truly get the speed up to 88 miles per hour, both the interior and exterior feature LED lighting functions, as well as the addition of two full sets of replaceable tire options, including the ground version as well as the raised version for flight option. Eagle-eyed fans can also enjoy finding the included accessories such as the scaled-down hoverboard and sports almanack.

But above all, the most exciting feature must be the magnetic levitation function that brings the iconic DeLorean to life in all its glory. Pair the car with the magnetic base, which includes the iconic Back To Future logo, to complete the experience.

A deluxe version of the set also includes a static display with flame trails for fans who would like to display the DeLorean as it takes flight at 88 miles per hour. So, make sure you order yours today and relive the time-travelling adventures from the iconic film, only at an official Beast Kingdom outlet.

*Includes one Type C charging cable (12V adapter must be purchased separately).