Attakus | Lillie Aero Eastern by Fane Pin-Up Statue


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Attakus | Lillie Aero Eastern by Fane Pin-Up Statue

Discover this lovely statue of Lillie Roadrunner, a sixties pin-up. Mischievous with her bubble gum bubble, she is perched on her barrel and observes a race of cars in the American desert plains, stopwatch in hand.

After studying Graphic Arts, ‘Fane enters at 19 years old a small advertising agency where he meets Bar2 with whom he sympathizes. Then he starts working in comics with Skud, a science-fiction album, and two books of illustrations on the biker spirit. It is quite naturally to him that Bar2 and Vents d’Ouest Editions entrust the continuation of the Joe Bar Team series. He created volumes 2, 3 and 4, creating new characters while continuing to bring the old ones to life, imposing his style and humor. He has since created the series Calagan – Rallye Raid, of which he produced volume 1 with Perna and Fontenay, and offered a hilarious Précis de Bonne Conduite with the same Perna. After the great return of Bar2 for the volume 5, ‘Fane takes the handlebars again and starts on the volume 6. He has since published Petites Éclipses with Jim in 2007, Le Recueil des Chroniques de Tunny Head in 2008, Gemma vol. 1 in 2009 (vol. 2 will be published in 2010) and Abe’ and Lagribouille with Juan in 2010. He participates in 2015 in the collection ”Les Univers de Stefan Wul” at Ankama editions for a dive into the science fiction universes of this prolific author. In 2017, he begins the dyptic Streamliner and returns in a roundabout way to the drawing of oiled mechanics. In 2019, he publishes with Hope one, his first series still in progress at Comix Buro.