Attakus – 1/6 Resin Statue | The Quest for the Time-Bird: Pélisse and her Fury



The Quest for the Time-Bird: Pélisse and her Fury
Attakus – 1/6 Resin Statue
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The Quest for the Time-Bird, a founding saga

Published in four albums by Dargaud from 1983 to 1987, The Quest for the Time-Bird, written by Serge Le Tendre and drawn by Régis Loisel, paved the way for the success of heroic fantasy comics and struck a perfect balance between humour, adventure, drama and emotion. Preceded by the cycle Before the Quest, it ends with a final era called After the Quest..

The world of Akbar is in peril.
The enchantment that imprisons the felonious god Ramor in a conch shell, guilty of having tried to seize the Power-Force, is about to be broken. If he were to regain his freedom, Akbar would be prey to death and desolation. Fortunately, the witch-princess Mara has deciphered the grimoire of the gods and found the incantation binding Ramor to his prison. But the incantation is long, very long. This is why she sends Pelisse, her daughter, in the company of the Knight Bragon, her former lover, in search of the mythical Time-Bird. This bird has the power to block time, which would allow the witch to finish her spell. Their quest will take them through each of the seven steps of the country.