Prime 1 Studio – Dorohedoro Statue 1/4 Caiman & Nikaido


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Prime 1 Studio – Dorohedoro Statue 1/4 Caiman & Nikaido

Limited edition.

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“What did the guy inside my head say?” – Caiman

Prime 1 Studio is overjoyed to present the coolest, edgiest addition to the Ultimate Premium Masterline Series: The 1/4 Scale Caiman and Nikaido Deluxe Version from DOROHEDORO!

Set in the brutalist, industrial megacity of The Hole, Dorohedoro is a romantic tale of a boy meeting a girl-HELL, NO, IT’S NOT!

Dorohedoro is a pulse-pounding, magic-splattered, rust-engulfed, rock-opera of an anime. It features our protagonist, who looks like a lizard. He doesn’t know how because he has industrial-grade amnesia. His name is Caiman, only because his best friend, Nikaido gave him that name. And it is this friendship that is at play in Prime 1 Studio’s newest, phenomenal anime statue.

At over 28 inches tall, Caiman & Nikaido share a plate of their favorite food: gyoza! Or rather, Caiman’s favorite food because Nikaido is the one who makes them. He’s already finished one plate and it looks like he’s ready for more. And Nikaido is more than happy to make gyoza for Caiman. In the dark, decaying world of The Hole, these two have cultivated a bond that will be tested by the forces of Hell.

Prime 1 Studio has really knocked this one out of the park! The energy and emotion that permeate this piece is truly outstanding. Only to be matched by the fine texturing and detailing every inch of this piece has. This statue looks like it was yanked right out of the anime, with its vibrant colors and incredible details. Each and every spike coming out of Caiman’s head is expertly sculpted, as is his reptilian face, which is expressing pure joy at his lunchtime activity. Caiman’s outfit is sculpted with the accuracy of a surgeon, as each piece of clothing shows off its appropriate texture. The jacket, gloves and boots are properly leathery, his hood has a heavy canvas-like texture, his pants possess a dense, utilitarian weave.

Nikaido is equally stunning in her sunny expression, exquisitely accurate to the show. Her outfit boasts heavy-duty, canvas overalls displayed in anime-accurate style for her comfort, complete with metal kneepads and ass-kicking high tops for…well, ass-kicking!

But that’s not all.

This Ultimate Premium Masterline Deluxe Version has a darker side, for when you swap out all the deluxe parts, Caiman & Nikaido go from having a fun time in front of The Hungry Bug, to masked enforcers armed with knives and chains, ready to deal out punishment and pain to any hapless and evil Magic-Users.

Caiman & Nikaido are both incredibly gifted fighters, and that can be clearly seen with the Deluxe Version’s swap-out parts. Caiman comes with three (3) different swappable heads and four (4) different swappable arms. Nikaido comes with two (2) other swappable heads and four (4) different swappable arms, too. Not only that, The Gyoza Fairy has a more threatening stance as well!

We’ve situated Caiman & Nikaido on a terrific, descriptive base that is brimming with Easter eggs from the show. Take a 360-degree look, and you will find something new every time. For instance, when Caiman is his rough, over-energized self, he drops one gyoza which looks headed for certain doom… only to be saved by…The Gyoza Fairy! Furthermore, one can envision Caiman and Nikaido hanging out in front of Nikaido’s gyoza joint, The Hungry Bug, the restaurant she took over as her own business. The base also features Caiman’s severed head in a formalin jar, among other quaint and cool surprises for you to discover. Just look around the base to see other Dorohedoro-themed clues and homages.

Dorohedoro fans will no doubt be delighted to own this ultimately spectacular piece when it goes on preorder, so don’t hesitate! It has everything you want from a Dorohedoro statue. Get it before the Magic-Users get you!


– Product Size Deluxe Version: 66 x 60 x 45 cm
– Three (3) Swappable Caiman Heads
– Four (4) Swappable Caiman Arms (two left arms and two right arms)
– Two (2) Swappable Nikaido Heads
– Four (4) Swappable Nikaido Arms (two left arms and two right arms)
– Two (2) Swappable Gyoza Fairy Figures
– Dorohedoro-themed base