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Lord of the Rings - Sword of the Witch King

Lord of the Rings - Sword of the Witch King
United Cutlery - Replica 1/1
ETA: END 06/2021

 United Cutlery has meticulously reproduced the actual prop swords using only the finest grade materials and craftsmanship of the highest quality. Each sword is presented with a hardwood wall plaque and a certificate of authenticity. The Sword of the Witchking: This evil and ancient sword is wielded by the Witchking, leader of the nine Ringwraiths, the indestructible and relentless shadow servants of Sauron. They were once mortal kings of men that Sauron corrupted with his Ring of Power. Also called Dark Riders or the Nazgul, they can sense when the One Ring is near and can see the Ringbearer clearly when he puts it on. The Witchking´s sword was built by armourers of the dark land of Mordor, under the command of their evil master Sauron.

Overall Length: 138.75 cm
Blade Length: 100.97 cm
Blade Thickness: 0.64 cm
Blade Material: Tempered 420 J2 Stainless Steel
Handle Material: Leather wrapped handgrip / Metal crossguard and pommel
Plaque: Wood
Sword Weight: 5.48 kg

This sword is an official item produced by United Cutlery under the licence of New Line Cinema!

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