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Tom and Jerry: The Sculptor Statue

Soap Studios | Tom and Jerry: The Sculptor Statue
Pre-order: Available 2021 Q1

Tom is almost good at everything except catching Jerry! Recently Tom picks up a new hobby of making clay sculptures. Wow, Tom is sculpting a statue of Jerry! What a vivid artwork, just look at the way it comes to life with its big smile and hand outstretched in greeting. Quoting from a famous art master, everyone can be an artist if he puts out his hands, mind, heart, and soul. Tom is thoughtfully raising his eyebrows and carefully carving the contours of this statue. When he plunges into his work with immense zeal, you can see a talented artist in him, RIGHT? In this miniature scene, the statue, the work table, and the stool are all made of resin, but with the same spirit of excellence as an artist, Soap Studio intricately paint on them to reproduce the original texture and color of clay and wood.

Disponibilità : Preorder!
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