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Big Trouble in Little China

Big Trouble in Little China


Composer John Carpenter
Format:Vinyl / 12" Album
Genre:Original Score
No of Discs:2
Release Date:31 Aug 2018
Dimensions:310 x 5 x 310 (mm)

Track Listings:
Disc 1
2Pork Chop Express (Main Title)
3Abduction at Airport
4The Alley (Procession)
5The Alley (War)
6The Storms
7Tenement/White Tiger
8Here Come the Storms
9Wing Kong Exchange
10Lo Pan's Domain/Looking for a Girl
11Friends of Yours?/Escape Iron Basis
12Escape from Wing Kong
Disc 2
2Call the Police
3Dragon Eyes
4Into the Spirit Path
5The Great Arcade (Mini Rock Opera)
6The Final Escape (Lo Pan's Demise/Getaway)
7Goodbye Jack
8Big Trouble in Little China (End Credits - Album Version)

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