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Queen Studios - Batman The Dark Knight 1/3 Statues

Queen Studios & DC Comics - Batman The Dark Knight 1/3 Statues
ETA: END 06/2021

 The Dark Knight Statue 1/3 Batman Regular Edition - (Preorder Price - 1.300,00)
The Dark Knight Statue 1/3 Batman Premium Edition - (Edition Size 600 Pz. - Preorder Price - 1.650,00e)
The Dark Knight Statue 1/3 Batman Deluxe Edition - ((Edition Size 500 Pz. - Preorder Price - 1.850,00)

 After witnessing the death of his parents' at the hands of a mugger, Bruce Wayne swears to rid Gotham City of crime. Under the tutelage of Ra's al Ghul and the League of Shadows, Bruce becomes adept in the art of combat returning to Gotham to keep a tight lid on crime. Despite his success, a despicable young criminal bursts on the scene plunging the city into chaos. As Batman, Bruce must tread a fine line between becoming a hero and a vigilante to restore order.

The Dark Knight Trilogy redefined the superhero genre and became an instant classic. To pay homage to this classic, Queen Studios has created three limited edition 1:3 collectible Dark Knight Batman statues. The Regular Edition features a movie accurate Dark Knight Batman Cowl head sculpt. The Premium Edition is expertly sculpted to capture Christian Bale's likeness with sculpted hair, while the Deluxe Edition is has rooted artificial hair.

The 1:3 Dark Knight statue features a carefully crafted movie accurate depiction of Batman's second suit made of polystone. To make this statue even more unique, there are two options for the base. One single base included with each statue. The other, an optional wider base sold separately allows collectors to pair with the 1:3 Heath Leadger Joker to recreate the interogation scene from The Dark Knight movie.


- Polystone Cowl sculpt + Bale likeness head sculpt with artificial hair
- Size: 40 x 35 x 68 cm
- Edition Size: 500

Disponibilità : Preorder!
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€1 299,90


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