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Magical Girls Series Nitta Yui Bunny Version

Original Character by Raita Magical Girls Series Nitta Yui Bunny Version
BINDing - PVC Statue 1/4
ETA: END 06/2021

The fourth figure in RAITA's "Magical Girl" bunny girl series.

From the original story "Magical Girls" by popular illustrator RAITA comes this figure of Yui Nitta, with her emblematic small and slender body, wearing a bunny costume!

The sculpture for this figure was of course based on an original illustration by RAITA himself. A complete 180 from the previous figure Erika Kuramoto, her delicately ethereal girlish body has been captured in painstaking detail.

And just like every other figure in this series, she's wearing actual fishnet stockings, giving even more dimension to her youthfully slender legs and hips.

For display we've included a counter chair to complete the bar-like scene.

With one arm raising a cocktail glass, she invites you into this lurid dream.

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