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Alien Model Replica Nostromo

HCG - Alien Model Replica Nostromo
ETA: END 07/2020

The USCSS Nostromo is a CM-88B Bison 'Juggernaut M Class' Starfreighter commercial towing vehicle, registration number 180924609, owned and operated by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. After responding to a warning beacon from LV-426, the Nostromo and its crew unwittingly became hosts to an Alien species intent on their destruction.

Hollywood Collectibles is proud to present their Officially Licensed, large-scale model of The USCSS Nostromo!

Presented for the first time in such a large-scale format, this intricately detailed model is a very impressive 66 cm long and 43 cm wide!

With the input of Alien mythology experts and unpublished behind the scenes photographs, every inch of this incredible spaceship has been painstakingly recreated with meticulous attention to detail to make this the most accurate replica possible.

This intricately detailed, Museum Quality piece is constructed from PU and mixed media and then hand painted to the finest detail with authentic weathering for added realism! It comes complete with a classic black display stand.

A must have addition to any Alien collection!

Limited to 500 pieces worldwide.

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