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GSC: Aliens Moderoid Power Loader Model Kit

Aliens Moderoid - Power Loader
GSC - Model Kit
ETA: END 09/2022

A 1/12 scale plastic model of the Power Loader!

From "Aliens" comes a 1/12 scale plastic model of the machine used in the battle against the Alien Queen, the Power Loader! The hydraulic cylinders extend and retract in conjunction with the models arm and leg parts. Using an internal gear system, the claws can also be opened and closed. The wiring cables have been recreated with soft tube material.

A plastic model kit of Ellen Ripley herself is included so you can display her in the Power Loader! Ripley is also articulated, making it easy to display her moving in tandem with the power loader. Water-slide decals to recreate the markings of the machine are also included.

Disponibilità : Preorder!
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