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Devilman vs Amon by Caleb Nefzen 1/4 Statue

Amon The Apocalypse of Devilman Elite Exclusive Statue 1/4 Devilman vs Amon by Caleb Nefzen
- By Figurama Collectors -

A capstone piece for your Devilman collection, this fiery 3-D representation captures the epic final fight scene between the incorruptible human hero and his inner demon. This realistic 1:4 scale figure erupts with all the emotions we felt during the apocalyptic battle between pure good and evil. The figure seems to jump right off the shelf, reminding us always that the "ability to become a Devilman is dormant in all humans." Crafted from high-density polystone and PU material and then meticulously hand-painted to depict an eerily realistic scene from the series, Devilman hovers midair with his wings spread, striking a powerful punch at Amon with all the speed and power that he possesses. In a defensive position, the enormous red-skinned demon raises his right forearm to easily deflect the jab while readying his hairy left hand to punch back with ferocious talons drawn. Despite Devilman's seemingly upper hand, Amon's formidable features and massive muscles ripple with power as he fearlessly fights to defeat the human forever.


- Highly limited to 200 pcs worldwide
- The 1st Devilman VS Amon Statue ever made specially as well as the 1st 1/4 scale for the license
- Comes with switchable Devilman head (Nostalgic Head)
- Sculpted by the well-known sculptor Caleb Nefzen
- Hand painted with premium colors
- Made of Eco-friendly Polyresin
- Comes with numbered certificate of authenticity

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the small edition size and the great demand for this item, allocations are expected to occur.

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€1 500,00


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