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Berserk - Skull Knight on Horseback 1/4 Statues

Berserk - Skull Knight on Horseback Regular & Deluxe Versions
Prime 1 Studio - 1/4 Statues
ETA: END 08/2021

 Price for the Regular Edition: 3.360,00 €!

Price for the Deluxe Edition: 3.680,00 €!

 Prime 1 Studio is proud to present the next piece from Berserk - Skull Knight on Horseback.

The Skull Knight is an enigmatic figure and a self-proclaimed "foe of the inhumans", having waged war against demonkind for a millennium. Approximately 1000 years old, he has vast knowledge of events surrounding the world, as well as remarkable foresight regarding the events and flow of causality.

The Skull Knight almost always atop his horse companion which we did our best to recreate the cool & mysterious atmosphere that is surrounding this wonderful character. His cape is made of real fabric, the LED light-up function is built in the head of the Skull Knight as well as the horse.

The Deluxe Version have an additional Portrait based on the early drawings of the manga as well as the additional Right Arm parts.

This is a must have statue for all the Berserk fans!


- Product Size: 98 x 86 x 89 cm
- Product Size with Arm Raise Up: 118 x 86 x 78 cm
- One (1) designed theme base
- LED light-up on Skull Knight & Horse Head Parts
- Two (2) interchangeable right-hand holding The Sword/ The Beherit Sword
- Two (2) Alternate Portrait (Normal/Based on early Design)
- Two (2) interchangeable right arm holding The Sword (Arm Raise Up/ Arm Raise Back)

Limited edition.

Disponibilità : Preorder!
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€3 360,00


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