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Atelier Cryptus: Muse of Flesh, Spirit & Bone

Muse of Flesh - Muse of Spirit - Muse of Bone
Atelier Cryptus - 16" Dolls
Limited Edition: 200
Est. Arrival: Oct 2019 - Nov 2019

 * Price is for each doll!

"When my body is brittle and my hands are stale, when I cease to exist as my true nature, which is truly no one nature at all... my heart will always sing the song of Flesh."

Sideshow presents the Muse of Flesh: Atelier Cryptus, one of three all-new additions to our original Court of the Dead collection. Atelier Cryptus is the debut line of ball-jointed dolls offered by S Doll!

From deep within the Realm of True Spirit, the Muse of Flesh, called Vleesena, and her sisters, the Muse of Bone and the Muse of Spirit, emerged to provide hope and guidance to a fledgling Death, long before he built the Underworld and its capital city of Illverness.

Unencumbered by duty, this playful creature creates the world she most desires. In constant search of extravagance, adventure, and her next metamorphosis, the Muse of Flesh resists nothing, embraces everything.

The Muse of Flesh stands at 16" from the base of her intricately adorned high heels to the top of her stupendous crimson wig. Her ornate boots lace up the back of her calves while her peep-toe heels feature the Flesh Faction symbol.

"Her garments are quite beautiful and complex," said Esther Skandunas, Costume Fabrication Artist. "The idea was to bring beauty to chaos. All of her garments, fabric choices and details represent the human anatomy from the outer flesh to muscle and blood. [But] we wanted to keep the details that represent blood and gore very beautiful so that you don’t quite notice those elements right away."

"I created the blood by using crimson beads located at her neck, wrists, and abdomen so that at first glance she looks like she is wearing beautiful jewelry and accessories, but upon closer examination you begin to realize that those beads are meant to represent blood dripping from her flesh," Esther explained.

Reminiscent of an era since passed, Vleesena's elaborate ensemble evokes the true essence of Flesh: chaos, creativity, curiosity. From her fanciful face-up to her removable cape and long, spidery fingers - embellished with her archetypal color of scarlett - the Muse of Flesh is as intoxicating as she is commanding.

A highly pose-able, epic-fantasy character, this resin ball-jointed doll features articulation at her ankles, knees, hips, wrists, elbows, waist, shoulders, and neck. A back-head plate, dual-jointed neck, custom eye plug-ins, and magnetic hand attachments make for an extremely customizable figure.

Celebrate your allegiance to the Alltaker's virtuous purpose with the Muse of Flesh! There is no better way to declare loyalty to the Dark Shepherd and his rebellion than with the sisterhood that helped to pave Death's path: The Underworld Muses.

Matt Molen (Sculpt)
Matt Black (Sculpt)
Kayla Knadle (Sculpt)
Aida Lengrand (Sculpt)
Esther Skandunas (Costume Fabrication)
Anthony Mestas (Paint)
Leilah Li (Paint)
Andrew Yang (Design)
Daniel Randell (Design)

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