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Attack on Titan: Eren vs Armored Titan Diorama

Attack on Titan Elite Exclusive Statue Eren vs Armored Titan
Figurama Collectors - Statue/Diorama
ETA: END 01/2021

Created by the same legendary team as the award-winning Devilman vs Amon, the Figurama Collectors Attack on Titan Elite Exclusive Statue immortalizes the brutal battle between Eren and the Armored Titan.

Towering an intimidating 61 cm tall, the Shifters fight across a 73 cm warzone of crumbling homes and dust storms as translucent steam flows from their burning bodies. Dynamically posed like professional hand-to-hand fighters, the Titans prepare for another explosive impact with their powerful muscles on full display. Flying in on her ODMG, Eren's childhood friend Mikasa tethers herself to the Armored Titan's neck with her flesh-cleaving blades ready, her small form revealing the massive scale of the Titans. A defined silhouette and balanced composition allow collectors to view the unforgettable battle from any angle as it unfolds over a base representing Attack on Titan's walled cities-a grim reminder of humanity's helplessness against the Titans.

The Attack on Titan Elite Exclusive Statue holds the record as the largest Attack on Titan statue and largest-scaled Figurama Collectors statue ever created. Sold in a highly limited 850-piece run worldwide, its official certificates of authenticity are signed by Figurama Collectors CEO, Shanab and sculptor, Caleb Nefzen.


- Edition Size: Limited to 850 pcs worldwide
- Size: approx. 61 x 73 x 70 cm
- Certificate of Authenticity: hand-signed by Figurama Collectors CEO Shanab and sculptor Caleb Nefzen
- Includes: an exclusive A3-size Elite Art Print
- Materials: Ecofriendly Polystone, Translucent Resin, PU, PVC
- Creative Director: Shanab, Figurama Collectors Development Team
- Concept Artist: Jarold Sng
- 3D Artist/Sculptor: Caleb Nefzen
- Coloring Artist: Mikiya Takahasi "Hellpainter"

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€1 950,00


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