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Iron Studios: 1/3 Statue Prime Scale Hawkman

Iron Studios: 1/3 Statue - DC Comics Prime Scale Hawkman
ETA: END 01/2020

- Payment plan available! -

Open & Closed Wings Version - Preorder Price: Please Inquire
Open Wings Version - Preorder Price: Please Inquire
Closed Wings Version - Preorder Price: Please Inquire

Hawkman is a character with several origins in the continuity of the DC multiverse. He was Prince Khufu in ancient Egypt, archaeologist Carter Hall, police officer Katar Hol of the planet Thanagar and even the avatar of Thanagarian Hawk God. 

But one thing always remained the same: his fought for justice, almost always next to his beloved and partner Hawkgirl as the Winged Champions. Using medieval weapons in harmony with high technology, he acts in groups such as the Justice League and the Justice Society of America.

This 1/3 Prime Scale version designed by Ivan Reis comes with a higly detailed base and many original features for the Hawkman.

This hand-painted polystone Statue measures approx. 104 x 56 x 57 cm. (104 x 129 x 49 cm with Open Wings)

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